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McAfee Total Protection — Excellent Virus Scanner (with Advanced Web Protections) 2022

McAfee Virus Removal Review: Quick Expert Summary

McAfee is a great choice for web protection and real-time malware protection. It’s also very affordable. McAfee has many useful extra features. They can provide coverage up to 10, while US users can obtain coverage for unlimited devices.

McAfee antivirus scanner earned a 100% score in all malware detection tests. This included Windows and Mac OS, Android, iOS, iOS, iOS, and iOS devices. It was able detect and block both advanced and simple threats like trojans. Spyware, ransomware. and cryptojackers.

McAfee is also more powerful than many antiviruses.

  • Wi Fi Network Protection and Firewall.
  • Anti-phishing protection.
  • A virtual private network (VPN).
  • Performance optimization.
  • Password manger.
  • Parental control.
  • ID protection (only for US Customers)
  • Secure file storage.

McAfee offers many excellent features, and it delivers. McAfee stopped more malicious websites in my tests than Firefox or Chrome. McAfee WiFi protections and firewalls outperform those of premium competitors like TotalAV or Avira.

McAfee VPN is not right for me. It logs your activity, does not allow torrenting, cannot access certain streaming sites, and logs your activity. McAfee VPN can be used with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

McAfee continues to be my favorite antivirus. It features a highly-scannable malware scanner, numerous security features, as well as an easy-to use dashboard. All this at an affordable price.

McAfee offers 1-year plans to McAfee, which cover unlimited devices for 1, 5, 10 or unlimitted devices. US users are not eligible for coverage for unlimited devices. McAfee also offers 2 year plans (Multiple-Device and Family) at highly discounted prices, which make McAfee the best premium antivirus solution in 2022. McAfee provides a 30-day guarantee for all plans.

Mcafee Virus Removal Review: Quick Expert Summary

McAfee Full Review

Mcafee Antivirus Review

McAfee has a wide range of security options. It is also a premium antimalware suite.

McAfee Security Protections performed extremely well on my MacBook Pro, and iPhone 5, as well my Samsung Galaxy S5 (and iPhone 5C) and iPhone 5.

McAfee’s internet security suite for 2022 is undoubtedly the best. It is extremely reliable, user-friendly, and comes with a 2-year subscription.

McAfee’s Antivirus Scanner

Mcafee Antivirus Review

McAfee’s antivirus scanner uses traditional malware detector techniques. This is used to compare files against McAfee’s huge virus database. It also uses “heuristics”, which can detect potentially hazardous files based upon their behavior.

Before testing McAfee’s anti-virus scanner, I installed various malware on my computer. Trojans, viruses, and spyware were all included. McAfee was downloaded to scan my entire computer. The scan detected all my malware. Although I was not surprised by the results, I was not surprised.

McAfee didn’t receive a perfect scan rate the first time I used it. McAfee had a flawless malware detection rate when I ran it a few months ago.

McAfee has always been a top-rated antivirus for all types of malware. McAfee can be compared to Bitdefender and TotalAV. Every brand tested successfully detected and removed every malware sample.

McAfee’s complete system scan took only over an hour. It’s comparable with Bitdefender or Norton, but Avira scans take just 40 minutes. McAfee ran a quick scan. This took 2 minutes. McAfee’s custom scans take a little longer depending upon the files being scanned.

McAfee’s scanner can cause system delays. That’s all I don’t like. McAfee detected my computer faster than normal. While it was possible to surf the Internet, use word processors, and do some other work, I couldn’t view a video or play any gaming programs. McAfee has the ability to schedule scans when you need them. Avira, TotalAV, or other antivirus programs do not have an impact on a system’s speed.

McAfee’s antivirus scanner is one of the most popular on the market. McAfee offers outstanding protection against both known threats and unknown ones. My only issue is that the antivirus scanner made my PC slow down during a full-system scan. But you can schedule full scans at night or during non-peak hour.


Mcafee Antivirus Review

McAfee’s firewall is powerful but also simple to use. You can also configure it easily. It runs flawlessly straight from the package. McAfee found a wide range of threats during my testing. This included malware programs trying remotely to communicate with remote servers and network intrusions as well as exploit attacks. McAfee firewall defense was significantly more reliable, and more effective than protections provided by Windows OS or macOS.

McAfee’s firewall offers a wide range of security capabilities. McAfee users are able to:

  • Pick which programs have internet access.
  • Open and close certain network ports.
  • There 4 levels for network protection. HTML4_
  • Modify trust settings for stored networks.
  • Activate software intrusion detection.
  • Whitelist certain programs.

McAfee firewall works well. It also allows me to choose between a wide range of options. Users with less technical knowledge can still use firewalls to prevent suspicious activity from happening, and it requires very little user input.

Mcafee Antivirus Review

McAfee’s firewall is flawed in that it doesn’t provide detailed logs. McAfee gives you information about blocked network activity, but it doesn’t provide explanations.

Mcafee Antivirus Review

Mcafee Antivirus Review

McAfee’s firewall provides network users with top-ofthe-line protection. It features a program blocking tool as well as network intrusion defense. Advanced settings can be used by tech-savvy individuals. McAfee diagnostics can provide additional information about threats but it’s still one of the best firewalls that I have used.

VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Mcafee Antivirus Review

VPNs route all traffic through secure servers. This encrypts all your data, and hides your online traffic. VPNs conceal your IP address. This allows you to surf the Internet as though you’re in the UK.

McAfee VPN makes browsing and streaming content easy.

McAfee Safe Connect VPN boasts 1,900+ servers located in 41 countries. It is a solid network but not as extensive than what ExpressVPN or other standalone providers offer. ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers in 94 countries. McAfee Safe Connect VPN is encrypted with 256bit AES encryption. It also features a kill switch (Safe Connect), which can disconnect you from internet access if your VPN connection drops.

I was able successfully to access Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services. I was also allowed to access Pluto TV and other smaller streaming services. Crunchyroll blocked me access. ExecVPN or CyberGhostVPN is a reliable VPN that streams streaming services.

McAfee Safe ConnectVPN was also able to stop my torrent client from downloading or uploading files during testing. ExecVPN & ProxyVPN are the top torrenting VPNs I recommend.

McAfee Safe Connect VPN offers some positive features. However, there are also some negative aspects. McAfee Safe Connect VPN is not very privacy-friendly. McAfee Safe Connect VPN stores logs of your browsing habits and IP addresses.

McAfee Safe Connect VPN performed exceptionally well in speed testing. I experienced very high speeds while connecting to a US Server. McAfee Safe Connect VPN offered reasonable speeds for browsing remote servers in Europe or South America. Websites took approximately 4 to 5 seconds in Australia.

Mcafee Antivirus Review

McAfee Safe Connect VPN’s interface makes it easy to use. It also supports Netflix and local servers are up and running at lightning speed. However, online traffic logs are saved and IP addresses cannot be saved. It also doesn’t support P2P. McAfee Safe ConnectVPN provides safe streaming and browsing.

WebAdvisor (Windows Only).

McAfee WebAdvisor blocks exploit attacks, malware-based browsers, and phishing. WebAdvisor supports Chrome Firefox, Edge Edge Edge, Edge or Explorer.

WebAdvisor inspects every website that you visit and detects exploit attempts. The program can also identify phishing sites by searching a large database that is regularly updated.

WebAdvisor detected all exploit attacks and phishing attempts that I attempted. It discovered dangerous websites that weren’t detected by Chrome and Firefox’s built-in protections.

Mcafee Antivirus Review

WebAdvisor provides an optional Secure Search mode. This allows you to assign safety ratings and ratings color-coded to your search results. Ratings are not provided for many sites. It did not give dangerous ratings to some pirate websites. It did not consider any safe sites dangerous.

Mcafee Antivirus Review

WebAdvisor has the ability to rate links from social networks like Facebook or Twitter. It was quite accurate in its link rating during my testing. It considered most links safe. It flagged phishing pages when an Instagram friend was hacked.

Mcafee Antivirus Review

WebAdvisor has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted online safety tools. Its antiphishing protections, and anti-exploit defenses, are better than Chrome’s. WebAdvisor also offers a search engine that is extremely useful and can help users find unsafe sites.

Performance Optimization

Total Protection is an assortment of performance optimization programs for web browsers. However, it can be difficult to use. These are McAfee’s optimization techniques for performance.

  • QuickClean.
  • App Boost.
  • HTML Boost.

McAfee QuickClean can remove cookies from your computer as well as other temporary files. You can only access it from the PC Security Tab. Click on the button “Tracker Remover”.

Mcafee Antivirus Review

QuickClean scan saved me about 2GB of storage space.

Mcafee Antivirus Review

I especially like how easy it is to see the details from QuickClean scanner – McAfee divided files into various categories with drop down menus that display file names that will be deleted. This allows more advanced users to choose which files to keep. McAfee allows users with less technical skills to simply delete all files.

McAfee Application Boost will speed up your computer. It gives processing resources to active open applications. McAfee was installed once and then I had to uninstall it again. However, I couldn’t access the AppBoost feature. McAfee has to find a way to make this feature accessible in future updates.

McAfee Web Boost Chrome extension disables auto-playing of online videos. It is useful for improving browser speed. However, I found it irritating as it prevented YouTube thumbnail previews being loaded.

McAfee’s optimization tools for performance are very good. QuickClean is a great tool for junk removal.

Password Manager

Mcafee Antivirus Review

McAfee True Key password managers provide excellent password protection as well as decent functionality. It does not have the same features as standalone password managers that will be available in 2022.

True Key uses AES 256 encryption to store and sync user information in the cloud. McAfee can’t access saved logins. McAfee’s password managers can also be downloaded on Windows and Macs as well as iOS, Android, Android, iOS, and Android devices. They support Safari and Firefox as well as Chrome Explorer, Explorer, Safari and Chrome Explorer.

True Key features include unlimited password storage across devices, credit card, file, and password storage. Zero-click autofilling is also available. True Key doesn’t support 2FA (although biometric scanning can be used to log in to your smartphone), but True Key won’t work with TOTP authenticators, nor USB tokens like Yubikey.

True Key’s lack of features such as password vault auditing, password sharing and password breach monitoring is not something I like.

True Key however, is a reliable password manager. True Key can be set up to auto-fill passwords if you have saved passwords. True Key is also a way to save login information so that it automatically fills in your login information when you visit a site you have saved. However, this is not very secure.

True Key provides simple master account recovery. McAfee is able to send you an e-mail if you forget you password. Dashlane has no simple account recovery tools.

True Key is user-friendly, which I enjoy. True Key offers a useful and convenient alternative to standalone password manager. True Key allows you generate and store unique passwords with advanced encryption.

Parental Controls

McAfee Safe Family is a great parental control system for Windows, Android and iOS. McAfee Total Protector plans offer Safe Family.

Safe Family allows you to:

  • Filter webcontent.
  • Limit device usage, internet access.
  • Block specific applications.
  • Track your device (within 10m).

Safe Family was simple to use during my testing. You can also manually assign permissions to specific content categories, and add websites that you wish to block. You can even schedule screen time according your child’s needs.

Mcafee Antivirus Review

McAfee Safe Family performed very well during my tests. It blocked all types content including violent and pornographic websites as well as social media. Safe Family also tracked all my searches, which is great for parents looking to find out what their kids are doing online.

Safe Family’s greatest asset is its ability to track the location of your child. Safe Family allows for you to track the location of your child within 10 metres. Safe Family also allows you send your child a quick update through the Safe Family mobile app when they arrive at their destination. Safe Family’s GPS location tracking was tested on my daughter’s iPad. It proved to perform better than Google’s and Apple’s “Find My”, tools.

Mcafee Antivirus Review

Protection from Identity Theft

Mcafee Antivirus Review

McAfee Identity Theft Protection gives you real-time monitoring for large amounts of personally identifiable information (PII). It does this through Experian’s credit network as well as live darknet monitoring.

McAfee creates an account for you and provides your personal data. After that, McAfee monitors the dark Web looking for any potential leaks. McAfee also monitors Experian’s Credit Network, looking for any changes to your PII. (Loan applications, changes of address, etc. ). ).

McAfee Identity Protection allows you monitor:

  • 1 SSN (Social Security Number)
  • 1 driver’s license.
  • 1 passport.
  • 1 international bank accounts.
  • Obtain up to 10 medical IDs.
  • Up To 10 email addresses.
  • Maximum 10 phone numbers.
  • Maximum 10 credit and debit card.
  • Other cards (store cards, etc. Maximum 10
  • Upto 10 bank accounts.

McAfee’s Social Media Monitor alerts you to privacy issues with content shared via Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

To protect your mail from being redirected you can set-up Change of Address monitoring.

McAfee offers several levels of protection against identity theft. Total Privacy Customers who do not want to be auto-renewal enabled dark web monitoring on up to 10 email accounts, and have access to dedicated support staff. Auto-renewal Total Protection plans come with 55 pieces of PII monitoring. This includes phone numbers. Ultimate customers get $1,000,000 Identity Recovery Insurance coverage and $10,000 theft fund reimbursement coverage. Norton does not offer stolen funds reimbursement for its Plan. This plan is much more expensive than McAfee.

McAfee ID Protection is a strong, affordable solution for US citizens who want to protect their identity from identity theft.

Additional Features

McAfee total Protection also includes additional security tools like

  • File Lock. File Lock protects your files using a password and security questions.
  • Anti-spam. Anti-spam inspects your email and filters spamming mail.
  • Home Network Monitor. Alerts for untrusted devices trying to connect to your network.
  • Vulnerability scanner. All of your programs will be up-todate, so you can be confident.
  • Protected file destruction. Writes on sensitive files that have been deleted.

McAfee File Lock may be useful, but isn’t able to do any thing that isn’t already part Windows or macOS. Gmail and other well-known email services offer exceptional anti-spam protections, even though the antispam function might not have been very useful a decade before.

McAfee is my favorite home-network analyser. It allows users to easily identify and troubleshoot all devices by creating a network map.

Another useful tool that you can use is the vulnerability scanner. It scans all of your devices and alerts you if updates are necessary. This is especially important due to the increased threat of zero-day exploits and attacks in 2022.

McAfee offers a secure file shredder which can be an excellent option. This can delete files from your desk within seconds.

McAfee offers a limited number of other features. However, I appreciate McAfee’s efforts in providing a broad range of useful protections via its premium antivirus offering.

McAfee Antivirus 2022
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Name: Review McAfee Antivirus 2022

Description: McAfee subscriptions could be purchased via a PayPal or credit card. McAfee subscriptions are available with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can try all the features, and you won't be obligated to a substandard product.

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Operating System: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

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  • Security
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing


McAfee’s performance is good most of the time, according to independent tests. MRG Effitas has not certified Avira or this virus for certification in Q2 2020. They do have more than just average results.

McAfee is a must-have on this list. Although it is important, it is not the best antivirus software.


  • All plans support majort platforms
  • Generous device limits
  • Basic package is feature-rich
  • Solid firewall
  • Home Network Security feature is a godsend


  • Some independent test results are poor
  • Performance could be better
  • Apple products have fewer features

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