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Avira Prime for Windows & Mac

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Platform: Windows, Mac, IOS & Android

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Avira Prime: Antivirus, VPN, and more

The ultimate security suite for all your devices

  • Detects malware & online threats in real time
  • Anonymizes & encrypts your web browsing
  • Speeds up your computers & mobile phones
  • Generates & remembers passwords for you

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Avira removed their own firewall technology from 2014 onwards, with protection supplied instead by Windows Firewall (Windows 7 and after), because in Windows 8 and later the Microsoft Certification Program forces developers to use interfaces introduced in Windows Vista.[6] Buy Avira Pro Buy Avira Prime Related people searching on Our BEST Antivirus: avira pro, avira internet security, avira pro 2020, antivirus avira 2020, avira antivirus pro price, avira2021, avira optimisation suite, avira antivirus pro 2022, avira internet security pro, avira antivirus amazon, avira antivirus plus, harga avira antivirus pro, avira total protection plus, harga antivirus avira, avira antivirus price, avira antivirus vpn